Technique: Brunoise Cutting.


Brunoise is a precision cut where the food is first julienned (cut into thin match sticks), then turned a quarter turn and diced again thus producing tiny cubes with equal sides (under 3mm).

This cut is commonly used as a garnish for Consomme, or for fine salsas (such as Tomato Concasse). Ingredients of various colours are frequently used in a brunoise mix to create a striking effect. Originally, precision cuts were designed to showcase the skill of the chef and have now become a basic part of food presentation. This cut can be used on any vegetable, but is markedly easier (and neater) when using firm products such as onion, tomato, carrot, celery, capsicum and turnip.


Other names: Brunoised, Brunoising
Translations: Brunoise Griešanas, Brunoise Pjovimo, Brunoise de tăiere, Rezanje Brunoise, Brunoise cắt, Brunoise cięcia, Cutting Brunoise, Brunoise काटना, Corte brunoise, Brunoise резки, Brunoise κοπής, قطع Brunoise, Brunoise은 커팅, Brunoise řezání, Pemotongan Brunoise, Brunoise pagputol, Brunoise切割, Brunoise tall, Brunoise rezanie, Brunoise di taglio, Brunoise חיתוך, Бруноисе сечења, Brunoiseは切削, Brunoise de coupe, Brunoise Skæring, Brunoise corte, Brunoise різання, Brunoise leikkaus, Brunoise рязане



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Jared Lowry's picture

Stupidest knife cut ever! so much work and unless your really trying to impress or using just a little of it just dont use it ever!

Mntijo's picture

What is called ; when you 1st blacken the pepper and then Brunoise????