Technique: Fermenting


This technique utilises the process of yeast acting on carbohydrates to change them into alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. This technique is used to make wines and beer, and to make dough rise in the preparation of bread products.


Other names: Ferment, Fermented, Fermentation
Translations: Fermentējot, Vaikščiojimas, Fermentare, Gây men, Fermentujący, Gisting, Fermentação, Бродильный, Ζύμωσης, تخمر, 발효하는, Kvasící, Fermentasi, 发酵, Fermentació, Fermentacije, Kvasice, Fermentando, תוסס, JÄSNING, Ферментације, 発酵, Fermentation, Gærende, Fermentación, Бродильний, Käymisen, Ферментиране



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