Technique: Whipping Cream


The purpose of whipping cream is to incorporate air into cream to give it structure. Often used for dessert toppings.

To make whipping cream like a pro:

1. Make sure the cream is at least 1 day old.
2. Thoroughly chill the cream and equipment.
3. Using a whisk or whisk attachment (if using a machine), whip at medium speed.
4. Sift in sweetener slowly (if using) as you whip.
5. Stop whipping when the cream forms a peak that holds shape. Over-whipping will cause the cream to collapse.
6. Keep the cream slightly under-whipped if incorporating into other ingredients.
7. Fold in flavoring after the cream is whipped.


Other names: Whip, Whipped
Translations: Whipping krēms, Plaktos grietinėlės, Frişcă, Vrhnja, Kem whipping, Śmietany, Slagroom, सजा क्रीम, Взбитые сливки, Κρέμα Γάλακτος, الجلد كريم, 채찍질 크림, Smetana ke šlehání, Latigo Cream, 搅打奶油, Crema batuda, Stepena smetana, Smotana na šľahanie, Panna da montare, להצליף קרם, Vispgrädde, Мућење крема, ウィッピングクリーム, Crème à fouetter, Schlagsahne, Piskefløde, Kremfløte, Crema batida, Збиті вершки, Kuohukerma, Подсладени сметани



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