Technique: Proofing


The final rising in making yeast dough products before baking. Bakers often take great care to control the humidity and temperature of the proofing process to ensure good flavor development in the dough.

Proofing can also refer to the technique of mixing yeast with water and sugar to check if the yeast is alive.

To proof yeast, dissolve yeast with indicated amount of warm water. The water should be between 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit. Stir in indicated amount of sugar and let the mixture set in a warm place for approximately 10 minutes. Yeast is proofed once the mixture is bubbly. As a general rule, if the yeast is within the experation date labeled on the package, there is no need to proof the yeast before using.


Other names: Bench-Proofed, Bench-Proof, Proving, Bench-Proofing
Translations: Koriģēšana, Korekty, Taalprogramma, Korrektur, Verificação, Проверки правописания, Θωράκισης κατά της, إثبات, 언어 교정, Kontrola pravopisu, Pemeriksaan, 校对, De correcció, Kontrola pravopisu, הגהה, За проверу, 校正, Korrektur, अशुद्धि जाँच, De corrección, Перевірки правопису, Проверка



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