Technique: Serving


The ultimate step in cooking is the art of serving. It can be in a simple dish, plate or bowl, but can also be done with a theatrical flair presenting the food in or on a myriad of items or devices designed to enhance the dining experience.

Serving can also refer to the size of an individual portion, especially in nutritional analysis.


Other names: Serve, Served
Translations: Paslaugos, Servire, Služenje, Phục vụ, Doręczanie, Presenteren, सेवा, De servir, Обслуживание, Σερβίρισμα, خدمة, 검색, Porce, Porsi, 服务, Servei, Vročanje, Porcie, Servire, מנה, Servering, Служење, サービング, Service, Dienst, Visning, Visning, Servicio, Прибирання, Tarjoilu, Сервиране



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