Technique: Biscuit Method


A mixing method used for biscuits, scones and similar products.

Guidelines for mixing using the biscuit method:
1. Measure out ingredients.
2. Sift to combine the dry ingredients.
3. Cut in fat/shortening until the mixture resembles coarse cornmeal.
4. Mix together the liquid ingredients.
5. Add the liquid to the dry ingredients, mix until the dough is just formed.
6. Pat and knead (if desired) the dough into one cohesive mass.

-If you want a flakier biscuit, use more shortening and cut it into the flour mixture more coarsely.
-Kneading produces a less tender biscuit with less crust.


Other names: Biscuit, Pastry Method
Translations: Cepums metode, Sausainių metodas, Metoda biscuit, Biskvit Metoda, Phương pháp Biscuit, Metoda Biscuit, Biscuit Methode, विधि बिस्कुट, Método Biscuit, Метод печенья, Μπισκότο Μέθοδος, بسكويت الأسلوب, 비스킷 방법, Biscuit Metoda, Кекс Начин, Biskwit Paraan, 饼干方法, Biscuit Mètode, Biskvit Metoda, Biscuit Metóda, Metodo Biscuit, ביסקוויט שיטה, Kex Metod, Metode Biscuit, ビスケット方法, Biscuit Méthode, Biscuit-Methode, Biscuit Metode, Kjeks Metode, Biscuit Método, Метод печива, Biscuit menetelmä, Бисквитена метод



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