Talking Lemon Promotes McDonald's McCafe Strawberry Lemonade

May 10, 2011

McCafe Strawberry Lemonade

Lemons get a bad rap in popular culture, and the talking lemon in the latest McDonald's ad campaign alleges that with the new McCafe Strawberry Lemonade slushie, the tides have finally turned. Steve Schirripa (of The Sopranos fame) is the voice of the fast-talking McDonald's lemon, and his monologue gives the commercial an excellent blend of punch and pithiness.

DDB Chicago and Tribal DDB Chicago are the ad agencies behind this McCafe Strawberry Lemonade ad. On the DDB end, Ewan Patterson was the chief creative officer and Nancy Jordan was the creative director; at Tribal DDB, Jim Marcus and Brian Trecka were the group creative director and associate creative director, respectively. Check out the McDonald's talking lemon below:

Photo by: Adweek



Melinda's picture

Annoying voice - I don't care WHO it is. I have to turn down the sound when this commercial comes on.

Lady J 's picture

Grandpa Lemon from the Annoying Orange is way cooler!

Ruben&&Karla's picture

At first we thought it was funny, now that little lemon is
Really annoying.