Tool: Butter Warmer


A butter warmer is a device designed to keep butter warm and liquid, but without burning. It consists of a small bowl suspended above a heat source, often a votive candle. Butter warmers are often used at the table when serving lobster, crab, or shrimp where the butter is used for dipping.


Translations: Sviests uzsildīšanai, Sviestas šilčiau, Unt cald, Maslac toplije, Bơ Warmer, Masła Cieplej, Boter Warmer, मक्खन गरम, Manteiga Warmer, Масло Теплее, Βούτυρο Warmer, زبدة أدفأ, 버터 비슷해, Máslo Teplejší, Mantikilya pampainit, 黄油暖, Mantega escalfador, Maslo Warmer, Maslo Teplejšia, חמאת חם, Smör Varmare, Маслац Цоолер, バターウォーマー, Beurre Warmer, Smør Varmere, Smør varmere, Mantequilla calentador, Олія Найтепліше, Voi lämpimämpi, Масло-топло



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