Tool: Blade Coffee Grinder


A type of electric coffee grinder that uses blades to crush the beans. This type of grinder creates coffe dust, which is best suited for drip coffee makers.


Translations: Blade Kafijas Grinder, Blade Kavos grinder, Cafea Blade Grinder, Blade mlin za kavu, Młynek do kawy Blade, Blade koffiemolen, ब्लेड कॉफी बनाने की मशीन, Blade Кофемолки, Blade Grinder Καφέ, شفرة القهوة المطحنة, 블레이드 커피 그라인더, Blade mlýnek na kávu, Blade gilingan ng kape, 咖啡研磨机刀片, Blade molí de cafè, Blade Mlin za kavo, Blade mlynček na kávu, Blade מטחנות קפה, Blade kaffekvarn, Бладе млин за кафу, ブレードコーヒーグラインダー, Moulin à café Blade, Blade Mahlwerk, Blade Kaffe Grinder, Blade molino de café, Blade Кавомолки, Blade kahvimylly, Blade картечница



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Unevenly grinds coffee, which affects the final taste of the coffee in your cup.