Tool: Bread Maker


A bread maker makes baking bread easy and fool proof !!
A bread maker is a small kitchen appliance for baking bread. It consists of a bread pan (or "tin") with a paddle mounted in the center, in a small special-purpose oven, with a control panel. While most bread machines have different cycles for different kinds of dough (including straight white bread, whole grain, and french), and dough-only (for pizza dough and shaped loaves baked in the oven), many also have a timer to allow the bread machine to activate automatically and some high-end models allow the user to program a custom baking or proofing cycle.


Other names: bread machine
Translations: HOMEBREAD, Maker paine, Bánh mì Maker, Ekspres Chleb, Broodbakmachine, रोटी निर्माता, Хлеба чайник, Ψωμί Maker, صانعة الخبز, 제빵기, Chléb Maker, 面包制作, Màquina de fer pa, Kruh Maker, Chlieb Maker, Macchina per il pane, יצרנית לחם, Bröd Maker, Хлеб кафу, パンメーカー, Machine à Pain, Brotbackautomat, Brød Maker, Brød Maker, Máquina de hacer pan, Хліба чайник, Leipä Maker, Хляб Maker



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