Tool: Brustolina Grill


A brustolina is an Italian grill that fits over a gas burner on a hob. It consists of a square metal sheet with holes in its base and a square griddle on top. They are commonly found in street markets in Italy.

This type of grill is frequently used in Italian cuisine, such as for grilling bruschetta, vegetables or polenta.


Other names: Italian Grill, Brustolina
Translations: Brustolinaグリル, Brustolina الشواية, Brustolina Gril, Brustolina 그릴, Brustolina Gril, Brustolina גריל, Брустолина роштиљ, Brustolina grill, Brustolina ग्रिल, Brustolina Parrilla, Brustolina Гриль, Brustolina烧烤, Brustolina Гриль, Brustolina Graella, Brustolina грил



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Fran's picture

I am looking for a brustolina. It also goes by the names of tostapane or bushella.
Does anyone know where to buy it in the USA? I live in Frankfort, Illinois.

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Purchase <> Michael Sheafe--wonderful things