Tool: Mortar and Pestle


A tool used to grind, crush and blend substances. The mortar is a bowl, the pestle is a heavy stick used to pound and grind.
The mortar and pestle have been used cross culturally for centuries, possibly millennia. Initially it was a tool used by herbalists and later apothecaries to grind components in tinctures, poultices and other treatments. Its culinary application very likely followed soon afterwards, particularly when spices such as peppercorns that benefit from crushing became well known in the west.


Translations: Būvjavai un Pestle, Skiedinio ir Pestle, Mojar şi, Žbuka, malter i tučak, Vữa và đâm bằng chày, Moździerz kuchenny, Mortier en een stamper, मोर्टार और मूसल, Pilão, Ступку с пестиком, Ιγδίο, بمدافع الهاون والمدقه, 박격포와 유봉, Moždíř, Mortir dan ALU, Lusong at pambayo, 砂浆和杵, Morter i una maca, Možnarjem in zdrobiti, Mažiari, Mortaio e pestello, מרגמה העלי, Mortel, Малтер и тучак, 臼と杵, Mortier et pilon, Mörser und Stößel, Morter og støder, Morter, Mortero y una maja, Ступку з товкачиком, Mortteli, Чукче и хаванче



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