Mama Mia, it's Bruschetta!

March 4, 2008

Forgive me, mi scusi, but I can no longer remain silent. I have a burning desire to correct those out there who keep saying, "bruSHetta." Please, my friends, it's pronounced broo -SKE - ta. We don't say shool, do we? Well, we do if we're Jewish and off to learn Hebrew. No, we say school.

So there, I'm off my high horse. I've said it. Now let's collectively work on making all Italian servers smile jubilantly when we correctly order this tasty appetizer. On behalf of my Italian friends, grazie mille!

Bruschetta is a food that dates back to 15th century Italy. Traditionally, olive growers will take country bread to the mill at pressing time and toast pieces in order to sample the freshly pressed oil. Then, they'll rub the toasted oiled bread with garlic and sprinkle with salt. Dio mio, makes working in a mill sound divine, eh? Sign me up!

In the summer when my tomatoes are ripe, I love to rub them - sun-warmed - on toasty garlicky slices of ciabatta. Topped with a slice of proscuitto is molto bene too.

Check out Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil from Simply Recipes.



Dreama's picture

Love the bruSHetta (SKetta) words and photos......YUM!