Pork Posole With Avocado, Cilantro and Lime

January 15, 2010

Sometimes I think I must have been Mexican in a previous life (of course, I also say that about other ethnicities when I can't seem to get enough of their food). But, to me, Mexican cuisine is so comforting and flavorful that it so easily satiates the hunger demon in me. Surprisingly, the one dish I had never tried was posole. It's not something you often see on menus and I'd never thought to make it at home.

I still haven't made it myself, but my dear friend Tracy recently did and now I am officially hooked. She kindly made a big batch on New Year's eve and sent us home with a container (complete with a fresh package of corn tortillas, an avocado, limes and cilantro) so that we wouldn't have to cook the next day. Love her. The recipe she based hers on was one she found in the January (2010) issue of Sunset magazine, but she used her own slow roasted pork and Hatch chile peppers instead of the chicken that Sunset's recipe called for. I adjusted her recipe as her Hatch chiles, which were supposed to be mild to medium, nearly burned the lips off my face (unless she added another heat source unbeknownst to us!). Tracy and her husband John have stomachs of iron and a tolerance for heat that would win the Gold Cup in any hot sauce eating contest. I can certainly hold my own with heat, but I often leave their home whimpering, "I can't feel my tongue." I added a bit more sour cream to my bowl and it was just fine. In fact, it was more than fine, this pork posole was absolutely delicious! Perfect on a cold day... Click here for the printable recipe for Pork Posole



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Hi Sheri! Love this post! As a New Mexican, it's always nice to see Hatch in a recipe. The batch I roasted and peeled last autumn is extremely hot, but I tend to like it that way. A friend of mine asked that I clear one thing up: The red and green pods grown in NM are known as "chiles," not "chilies" or chilis. Regional variations of the spelling exist worldwide, but for some reason, New Mexicans have made "chile" their preferred quantifier. Keep Eating! And writing! This is lovely!
Rob DeWalt

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I don't know how I ever lived without Posole, cilantro and lime before I discovered them about 10 years ago.

This looks delicious.

Sheri Wetherell's picture

Thanks, Rob! I'm never sure whether to call them chiles, chilies, chilis. Thanks for clarifying! I've edited the post and the recipe. Now I know! :)

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