Farmer's Markets go Mobile

April 28, 2011

Farmer's markets and local gardens are popping up all over the nation. Now just outside of the nation's capital, the Arcadia Center for Sustainaable Food and Agriculture and the Neighborhood Restaurant Group are taking it a step firther. In order for a larger amount of people to have access to seasonal produce, they are starting a mobile farmers market. Thats right, they will provide locally grown produce by taking their show on the road via a retrofitted bus. Not only will they offer fresh seasonal fruit and veggies, they will also accept WIC and foodstamps. They will also raise money through their Kickstarter campaing, and the plan to get rolling this June!

This is yet another inspirational idea that has the potential to become a beneficial trend for people of all income levels. Fresh seasonal food does not need to be accessible only for the elite. I applaud Arcadia and will be keeping track of their progress.