Happy Apple Pie Day!

May 13, 2011

Apple pie

May 13 is Apple Pie Day in the United States.  To celebrate, here are a few apple and pie facts:

1. Early English apple pies had no sugar.  It was made with sweet fruits like fig, saffron and raisins.

2. The first apple pie was believed to be made in England over 600 years ago.  The first printed apple pie recipe dates back to 1381 by Geoffrey Chaucer.  It had saffron, raisins, figs and pears for filling.

3. In the 14th century, the pastry part was not made to be eaten but was meant to be used as container only.  

4. The American apple pie originated from the English settlers from Europe. 5. Early Americans lifted off the top crust of the apple pie after baking to add sugar and spices then put the top crust back on before serving.

6. Mock apple pie doesn’t use real apples.  The American west had no apples so they used crackers and special spices instead.

7. The Granny Smith apple was named after a real Granny Smith.  Maria Ann Smith came from a farm family whose specialty was apples. She developed the green, firm and crisp apple that is best used in making apple pies.  She accidentally crossed a wild European crabapple with a common grown orchard apple. 8. Apple pie is often served with ice cream, called Apple Pie a la Mode.

Here are a few recipes and drink ideas to celebrate the occasion!

1. Use Greek yogurt instead of ice cream for a healthier option in apple pie a la mode.

2. Bake it French style or Dutch style.

3. Make an apple pie cocktail

4. Muffin style

5. Crazy apple pie style (commonly known as mock apple pie)


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Amy Holwerda's picture

This is a great list! I love random food facts!

Patrick's picture

That apple pie looks so good. I'll try to remember this as Friday the Pie day and not Friday the 13th!