5 Quick and Easy Iced Teas

June 5, 2011

I am not sure when it became cool to only drink things out of a bottle. What ever happened to a frosted glass of ice water?  Many of us say that our kids won't drink water, and even as adults, there are people who wouldn't' dream of drinking something without flavoring. If this sounds like your family,  How about ice tea? Here are 5 recipes for iced teas that will please any palate. 

Iced Ginger Tea

Ginger is funny. It feels warm, but actually helps cool you down. Try this super refreshing tea mix. You will want to make it by the gallon! 

Peppermint Iced Tea

I love peppermint. It makes the perfect cup of ice cold tea, and cools you down quickly.

Iced Roselle Tea

Roselle is also known as Hibiscus. It is a lemony, rich tea that is high in Vitamin C and just fabulous.

Iced Apple Tea

A super blend of apple tea and juice, a sure winner with the kids. 

Tea Syrup

This is a brilliant way to make a concentrated tea mixture. When you want tea, you combine this perfectly flavored tea concentrate with water and ice. 

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