Prosciutto Facial Anyone?

June 9, 2011

A recent article in The Atlantic spotlights a restaurant in Italy that offers spa treatments with cured meats as you enjoy sparkling wines. Hosteria da Ivan is located just outside of Parma, Italy and is not for vegetarians. 

In the article, Faith Willinger discusses her opposition to thermal spas with smelly waters (not entirely true, in my experience). So, she opts to try this new type of "treatment" that also seems to involve local cheeses, wines and beer. The approach consists of the following:

"Prosciutto wraps and mortadella mask can be done any time: a lard massage has to be booked in advance. Ivan told me about the cosmetic treatments and cures that he's got in mind for regularly scheduled sessions in the future. Mortadella mask—one large slice, bite out holes for eyes, nose and mouth, and apply to the face, great skin softener."

There are some great photos that accompany the article. Check it out here

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Andie Mitchell's picture

Gosh I love those meats, too....Think my boyfriend will find it weird if I have prosciutto on my face after dinner? :)