The NASA M&Ms Commemorate the Final Space Shuttle Launch

July 22, 2011

The final space shuttle launch took place on Friday, July 8, and the NASA M&Ms commemorated this historic occasion in a sweet way. The NASA M&Ms came with red, silver and blue candy shells marked with phrases like "3... 2... 1... Lift Off" and "July 8, 2011" as well as several images of the shuttle orbiter. Additional NASA M&Ms were personalized for the four STS-135 astronauts.

The NASA M&Ms were distributed to the Kennedy Space Center and the Johnson Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida and Houston, Texas, respectively. "It's bittersweet to see this program, which has inspired millions to reach for the stars, come to an end, but we wish the crew of Atlantic a safe and successful mission," said Debra Sandler, the chief consumer officer for Mars Chocolate North America.

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