Tumblr Tuesday: 5 Urban Farming Tumblr Blogs

August 9, 2011

This Tumblr Tuesday, we're exploring some of the best urban farming Tumblr blogs on the Web. The bloggers behind these sites demonsrate that farming isn't just for those who live in rural areas; community- and health-minded urbanites can also get in on the fun of food production.

1. Urban Food Production: This stellar Tumblr blog focuses on all aspects of urban farming, from hot news topics to essential documentaries and several ideas to start a garden in your own space. The photo below was captured by John Woods for The Globe and Mail in a piece on urban orchards:

urban farming

2. Urbanity Sanity: This Tumblr blog also focuses on urban agriculture, especially as it relates to community prosperity. It features editorial commentary and the latest news regarding urban farming, with a heavy focus on the Washington, D.C. area.

urban farming

3. This Big City: This Big City is the Tumblr offshoot of the award-winning site of the same name. It features all aspects of urban innovation, from transportation to infrastructure, with posts on water, food production and sustainability in top cities around the world.

urban farming

4. The Urban Farm Sharer: This urban farming Tumblr blog features inventive recipes using the contents of the blogger's community-supported agriculture box. July's adventure, for example, was callaloo, a Carribean green also known as amaranth.

urban farming

5. Urban Farming Blog: This blog focuses on Battery Park, the first urban farm in Manhattan, and the efforts of three bloggers to replant a garden there calld "The Garden of Eden." In addition to photos of the growing garden, the trio also posts informative articles on gardening topics such as companion planting and composting.

urban farming

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