5 Tantalizing Edible Tableware Designs

August 24, 2011

What could be more environmentally friendly than edible tableware? These designs are just some of the many designs on the market that aim to replace disposable plates and utensils with something far more savory and sustainable.

1. Rice-Design Edible Tableware: This bowl, plate and set of chopsticks was designed by Nobuhiko Arikawa of Rice-Design for Japan's Orto Cafe. It's made of hardtack -- a basic, long-lasting biscuit comprised of flour, salt and water -- and is meant to make paper plates and utensils obsolete.

edible tableware

2. Silicone Ice Tray Spoons: This silicone tray produced for Muji features spoon-shaped wells that enable you to make spoons out of nearly anything. Sweeten your coffee with a chocolate spoon, or bake a biscuit to stir milk and sugar into your tea.

edible tableware

3. Poilane Forks and Spoons: The utensils at French patisserie Poilane are actually crackers and cookies that are used to enjoy the company's many hors d'oeuvres and desserts. A curry-flavored fork is the perfect complement to mango chutney or hummus, while a shortbread cookie spoon becomes a garnish for ice cream or an espresso stirrer.

edible tableware

4. Geke Wouters Edible Bowls: These edible bowls by Geke Wouters are made from veggies like tomatoes, leeks, peppers, carrots and beet root. The thin, formed plates are just some of Wouters' edible creations, which also include vegetable paper business cards.

edible tableware

5. The Edible Project Bowls: These edible bowls by Diane Leclair Bisson are a part of the Edible Project and are made of fruits or vegetables. They can accommodate hot and cold foods alike, and as you can see by the photo below, they look fantastic.

edible tableware

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