Perez Hilton Talks Losing 70 Pounds

March 13, 2012

Perez Hilton talked to Shape magazine about how he was able to lose 70 pounds, including his strict diet and workout regimen. 

"I eat a very clean diet. I am fortunate enough to get my meals delivered, which makes a huge difference for me," the celebrity blogger said. "If I don't have to think about it, and I know that everything I'm putting into my body is good for it and the proper portions and the right balances of food, it makes it so simple." 

When it comes to getting exercise, Hilton says he changes up his workouts to keep things interesting. 

"I work out seven days a week. I vary what I do. I work out in the gym Monday through Thursday, and I do Pilates Friday and Saturday. I do yoga on Sundays," he said. "And I also try to hike a couple times a week and ride my bicycle on weekends." 

Hilton added that getting in shape is easy for anyone who wants to do it, even without a meal delivery service. 

"You don't need to get your meals delivered to get in shape and eat a healthy diet. You can be your own meal delivery program. I tell people to buy a healthy cookbook and make their meals twice a week ahead of time for the entire week. You can do it!" 

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