Florence Welch Bans Caffeine From her Diet

July 27, 2012

Florence Welch is struggling with the lack of caffeine in her life after the Florence and the Machine front-woman was ordered by her doctor to cut energy-boosting beverages out of her diet. Welch recently had a few throat and voice issues that her doctor hopes to avoid in the future. 

"I had a full check up and [the doctor] said that there wasn't any permanent damage that couldn't be restored without rest. So if I keep taking care of myself there won't be any reoccurrence. [But] no tea, no coffee! That was the hardest part," Welch told Us Weekly. "I had been on such a caffeine kick up until then. I was fully back on five Diet Cokes a day and two coffees in the morning." 

The singer says she has since switched to drinking herbal tea. 

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