Andrew Zimmern Talks Dinner Party Etiquette

March 22, 2013

Celebrity chef and TV personality Andrew Zimmern has been the dinner guest to a myriad of people through his show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. Now, he is sharing a few of the etiquette lessons he has learned along the way. 

"The perfect dinner guest should be gracious and interested in the people around him or her," Zimmern says, adding that it is important for guests to know something about their host. "I want to learn from you. Being a good listener is all about asking a good question."

Zimmern also says it helps to know current news stories if you don't know the hosts very well, and it is always nice to create a connection by sharing family stories. "Sharing deep personal experiences that you've had connects you with other people."

Check out more of Zimmern's dinner party advice here. Do you have any other tips for dinner party goers? 

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