Question: Can you freeze butter?

February 8, 2011
Can butter be frozen? If so, for how long? Does the texture or flavor change after frozen?


Chris Paulk's picture

Yes it can be frozen. It doesn't change the flavor or texture- just allow it to naturally thaw in the fridge. You can freeze it for about 6 months easily.

Grace Geiger's picture

Absolutely! One of the better ways to store it. Some recipes even require frozen butter.

Ashley E's picture

The only way that I buy butter is in bulk (so much cheaper) and keep it in the freezer. Like Chris, it's been in there for 6+ months, and it's still as good as the day that I bought it. makes it easier when making biscuits and dough too. nice and cold :)

Michelle Lee's picture

Thank you to everyone for your helpful advice on freezing butter.

With the cost of butter so high and a required baking ingredient, I can purchase it when it's on sale and stock up!!

TheHillCountryCook's picture

I always freeze my butter! And buy lots when it's on sale! Most foods with a high fat content will store well and not affect their flavor/consistency.
Hope this helps!


Chef Somer's picture

Michelle, yes butter can be frozen for up to six months. I normally purchase butter when it's on sale and then stock up my freezer. Be sure to allow the butter to thaw in the fridge over night.