Question: Can you add flavoring to almond bark (white)?

April 4, 2011
I use almond bark to coat various things - the other day I melted some and it was smooth as could be until I added a teasp Almond Flavoring. As soon as I did that the almond bark got STIFF AS A BOARD. It tasted great - picked up the almond flavoring - but I couldn't dip anything in it (I was dipping dried apricots). This was natural almond flavoring I was using - not immitation. :> Any ideas what I did wrong?


Chris Paulk's picture

Not sure- but I think it has to do with the timing. A long time ago I read a tip about adding liquids to dipping chocolates. It said to add the liquid to it BEFORE melting. That way the are brought up to temperature at the same time.

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Needs to be added during the melting process so the flavoring is at the same temp as the melted almond bark

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Flavoring of chocolate can only be done under certain conditions, here they are:

(1) Alcohol or water based flavoring cannot be added before, during, or after the chocolate has melted. Alcohol and water, when added to chocolate, will cause it to seize up.

(2) The only time an alcohol or water based flavor can be added to chocolate is when a dairy is to be added; such as in making ganache.

When I heat the cream up to 170 degrees, before adding to the chopped chocolate, is when I add my flavorings if they have an alcohol or water base.

You can, however, add an oil based flavoring to ANY type of chocolate without the possibility of seizing. Just be warned that oil based flavorings are much stronger than its alcohol couterparts! You can purchase oil based flavorings at local cake decorating shops, or online.