Question: do you have a recipe for irish curry soup?

October 23, 2010
We visited Milwakuee and sampled some exellent soup


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Are you perhaps looking for a Muligawtawny Soup?
It's a chicken and vegetable soup with apples & curry.

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Actually no. Irish curry apple soup. It's great.

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I came across this recipe awhile ago and thought it was interesting but have not attempted it. Do let me know how it turns out if you do try it .
Check this out:

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The Muligawstawny Soup I have always made has apples in it...also has chicken and rice.

Chris Paulk's picture has a recipe that is a potato soup w/ apples & curry.
(Warning. It's an obnoxious site -the advertisements hover above every key stroke and it will take you forever to find what you are looking for)