Carman Peach


The Carman Peach was developed by Joseph W.Stubenrauch (1852-1938), a Bavarian horticulturist who immigrated to America to avoid compulsive military service in Germany. Named for the editor of the "Rural New Yorker," the Carman peach was a hybrid Stubenrauch developed that was well adapted to Central Texas conditions, where he had settled, and was given national recognition with a color plate in the Department of Agriculture "Yearbook".


Translations: Vedējs persiku, Carman Ροδάκινο, Carman persikų, كارمان الخوخ., カーマンピーチ, Carman breskva, כרמן אפרסק, Машиновођа брескве, 전차 승무원 복숭아, गाड़ीवान पीच, Кишеня-Піч, 卡曼桃, Карман-Пич, Карман Праскова



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