Lotus Root


The lotus root is a root vegetable that is indigenous to Asia, and is found underwater. Similar in shape to a long squash, it is not uncommon for lotus roots to grow to a length of four feet. The exterior of this root is covered with a peel that is a reddish brown color in appearance, with a white interior that has the appearance of lace. The meat of the lotus root has a texture that is slightly crunchy, and mildly sweet.


Translations: Lotoss Root, レンコン, لوتس الجذر, Lotus Koreňové, Arrel de Lotus, Lotus korijen, Lotus Kořenové, Radice di loto, Lotos Root, Корень лотоса, 연근, कमल रूट, לוטוס רוט, Корінь лотоса, 莲藕, Lotusrot, Лотосов корен, Raíz de Lotus, Lotus Корен



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