Question: can you use the leaves and stems of spicy globe basil?

August 16, 2010
I wasn't sure if you could use the stems or just how to harvest these wonderfully fragrant, but tiny leaves. I want to freeze some for the winter. The plant adds a wonderful aroma to my flower bed when ever I walk out of the door. It's been very easy to grow, but I want to cook with it also. Thanks for your advice


Chris Paulk's picture

If they stems are soft and pliable they will be useable. I have several varieties, one which has particularly stiff stems- I only use the leaves (it was a gift- so I don't know the variety).
If you're freezing it- grind it and freeze it in small ice trays or make it into pesto to freeze. I do this with a bunch of herbs in the summer to use all year.

Gabriel Cross's picture

I recommend tasting the stem before using, many varieties carry all of the good flavor in the leaf. The stem of regular sweet Italian basil, e.g. is a little bitter and not at all like the leaf.