Question: Does anybody else have a problem with the word "doneness" , as in for steaks?

October 21, 2010


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the condition of being cooked to a desired degree: steak prepared to the doneness ordered by the customer.

It's a word. it's in the dictionary and it's a term used in describing a technique. I think that it is a generally "understood" term, so I think it's fine.

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well, I am a chemist so i am particular about jargon. while its understood, accepted and used, I prefer to use the verb done rather than its noun doneness. If I am in casual conversation, I have been know to use doneness. When in a more professional situation or want to show off, I use the verb.

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I have no problem with the word 'doneness'. It's a universal culinary term relating to properly cooking something. Steaks are generally cooked to one of 5 or 6 different donenesses. It's a good word. What's the problem?

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Thanks for all the answers to my question. I do understand that the term "doneness' is a universal culinary term and a good word, but it sounds a tad odd when I'm asked by the waiter, "What doneness would you like your steak?". I think it would sound less odd if he were to ask, "How would you like your steak done?". And then there's the time where I was asked, "What done would you like your steak?"!!!!!

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Ping, you're correct in that instance and use of the term.
He should have said, "How would you like your steak done?" or "How would you like you steak cooked?" or even "Would you liked your steak cooked medium rare?"

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Thanks Chris.