Question: Can Canned Coconut Milk Be Frozen?

March 15, 2010



Jenny Richards's picture

I don't know if there's a *real* answer to this, but I've frozen coconut milk with no problems. If I open a fresh can, I always make sure to stir it up well (or shake it) before I separate the amounts into freezable sizes (like in an ice cube tray). I haven't had any problems freezing it - it's just juice, after all.

Chris Paulk's picture

I would not freeze it in the original unopened can, but put it in a different container. When commercially canned foods freeze, the food inside expands and the can may bulge or even burst. Throw cans in this condition away, without tasting (don't even give it to your dog). Even if the can is not bulging, there may be microscopic openings in the seams due to stress.
In a different container- it should freeze up just fine. I use it to make sorbets and popsicles.

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Thanks. Have stored my leftover milk in a freezer-safe container.

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I've always saved what I didn't use in ice cube trays....They work great to throw a cube or two in sauces, soups or even to give a different twist to a chicken fricassee.

Both purplehousedirt and Chris are correct...The can should be shaken thoroughly before 'decanting' and never use a can that looks like it bulges slightly, no matter what the used date is.