Question: Where Can I Find Buttered Phyllo Dough?

January 30, 2010
What a time saver!



Curt's picture

I researched it and could not come up with a source. Nearly all Phyllo dough I have ever seen comes from Apollo/Athens and they didn't have a buttered one. I have never heard of it. It certianly would be a time saver...not to mention a saver of dough sheets that tear but I guess that part of the fun of using the product.

Gina Marie Barone's picture

There is a place called Hun-I-Nut International in San Jose, California. They make home made phyllo dough that you can buy buttered or plain. They do not have a website. So, I don't believe they have mail order. I used to buy it when I lived and worked in San Jose. A wonderful product!
Thanks for checking Curtis!