Question: Has Anyone Tried Date Syrup In Recipes?

May 27, 2010
I'm looking for recipes where date syrup (such as found here - has been used as the primary sweetener, or suggestions on how to use it. Thanks!


Chris Paulk's picture

You should be able to substitute it for honey, molasses or syrup. Not sure how it will come in price wise. I would guess that it would be a costly substitute.
I used date sugar as a substitute for regular sugar and it works well. The date sugar is not quite as sweet as regular sugar (which is ok).

Thomas's picture

Years ago, I used to use it in milk like chocolate syrup. Excellent. Great for kids.

Mimi Cooks's picture

I use it to marinate beef before roasting it, it adds a sweet and sour taste to the meat. you can create a sauce out of the marinate if you cook the beef in it, excellent taste!
also, in the middle east, they mix one part Tehini sauce with two parts date syrup, stir well until the mix is smooth, dip with pita bread, very nutritious and delicious too.