Question: Guest Blogger

February 20, 2012
Hello, I would like to know how I can submit my recipe to appear on Foodista??


Alisa Escanlar's picture

All you need to do is follow these three easy steps to submit your recipe:

Step 1: Click on the  + add a recipe box found on the upper left side of the screen (above the Foodista logo). You need to login to your account first so the recipe would be credited under your name.

Step 2: Fill in the boxes to submit your recipe. This is where you add the Title or name for your recipe, ingredients, procedure, and you can also share a little background of the recipe in the "about" box. Remember to add a photo of the dish on your recipe. This is important for your recipe to get featured on the Foodista website under the Community Added recipes section.

Step 3: Click Save and it's done! Once you have saved your recipe, you can "edit" the recipe so you can add other tags or description of the dish.

The best thing about sharing your recipe to the Foodista website is having your recipe's title and link broadcasted to Foodista's 235,000++  followers via twitter. Now isn't that a great way of sharing your recipes and your blog to other food lovers too? Hope this helps :)