Question: How can I dry garlic so that I can use it in a mill?

August 25, 2011
Hi! I would like to dry garlic (like the ones you buy in store) so that I can place it in a pepper mill. I've tried to just "dry" it, but that doesn't work at all. Many thanks for your help ! Jessika


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The only way you could possibly dry garlic is to use a dehydrator. You would have to slice the garlic paper thin, and then use the dehydrator according to the manufacturer's instructions. I am still not sure if even this would work, however. The garlic in the store is freeze dried, and I believe you would need special, professional equipment to do that.

But, if you want it for convenience, you could do what I do with shallots. I take a medium size shallot and skin it. Then I chop it finely using one of those chopping things. Then I have an old plastic frosting container that I put the chopped shallot into, and then I cover them with corn oil. When I need shallots, I just take a teaspoon of the shallots in oil and put it right into the pan. The oil takes on a nice flavor. I just keep adding more shallots and oil as I go along.

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Hi Adrienne,

thank you for your help!

For info; I have a similar recipe on how to make basil-garlic oil on my site :

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Not sure why you would want to dry garlic to be put into a pepper mill. If you want it to last longer why not just dice it really really fine and then add some olive oil and put in a small ball jar type container. Alternatively, I have slow boiled whole cloves of garlic and put them in an air tight container as well.