Question: Roast dinner gravy

November 10, 2013
I like to make proper gravy with roast dinner using the juices in the tin. However, often all that is left in the tin is charred rubbish. I may as well try and make gravy from some bbq briquettes. Is there any way of making sure that the stuff left is in good condition? Should i add water every so often?



Sheri Wetherell's picture

Hi Richard,

I definitely recommend adding liquid (water, wine, stock) to your roast to prevent the charred bits. Once you take the roast out to rest pour your drippings into a gravy separator (we use this one: Alternatively, you can carefully pour your drippings into a bowl and toss out the unwanted grease. Count on about 2 tablespoon of drippings per 2 cups of gravy (1 tablespoon drippings per cup of gravy), so add 2 tablespoons of drippings back to the roasting pan and place on the stove over medium-high heat.

Dissolve 2 tablespoons corn starch in about 1/4 cup of warm water. Whisk in corn starch and continue stirring until it thickens. Add the liquid of your choice (milk, cream, stock or a combination) to the gravy until you reach your desired thickness. Serve immediately.

I hope that helps! Good luck :)