Question: Equivalents For Dried Onion Flakes To Rehydrated

February 23, 2010
If I rehydrate a quarter cup of dried onion flakes how much does that equal in fresh onion?



Stephanie Beack's picture

In my opinion, don't try this substitution. It's not going to yield the same results at all. What are you making?

Sonia R. Martinez's picture

I don't recommend it either.... it will not taste the same or give you the same consistency as the real thing...

danny6114's picture

I normally wouldn't use this, I was wondering, just in case. Though in the past I have had occasion had to use the dried in a salsa and the onions came out nicely sweet which help balance the chiles I used!
So, basically I still don't know the equivalents, and I'd like to know for my own edification.

Chris Paulk's picture

According to E-cookbooks 1/4 cup of dehydrated onions = 1 cup of fresh raw onions.
and 1 TBSP onion powder = 4 TBSP fresh chopped onion.
Though I would substitute green onions, chives or leeks before I would use dried onions.