Question: What is the shelf life of scrambled eggs?

January 12, 2011


Chris Paulk's picture

As long as they're cooked, a few days should be fine. Most of the little espresso stands ect. offer scrambled egg sandwiches in which all of the items have been pre-cooked and assembled. Hard boiled eggs will last 5-7 days in the fridge. They won't taste as good and will lose some of the fluffy texture by refrigerating them, but as long as you're careful, they'll be safe to eat.

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There is a difference between scrambled eggs and the mashed egg mix used in pre-made sandwiches. Most of the prepared sandwiches I've seen use a mix of mashed boiled egg and mayonnaise. Scrambled eggs have a very limited shelf life - they will be safe to eat for 5-7 days as specified above, but the quality deteriorates within minutes of cooking. Reheating them produces a rubbery, insipid and lifeless leftover for which there are few opportunities to use up. Adding them to a fried rice is one option, or they could be used in a pie or spring roll filling. Once egg proteins have been cooked, there's no way to revert them to a form of any other practical use.