Question: What Is The History Of Dessert Apple Enchilada?

February 22, 2010


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It was created in the 1600's by the Mexican king Ricardo Guiermo the 3rd of the Royal Castle of the CHicharrones.

The history of enchiladas the earliest known indigenous people who lived in a lake region of Mexico according to tradition ate small fish wrapped in corn tortillas. And, Bernal Daz Del Castillo wrote about Europeans enjoying a feast that was given by Hernan Cortes at Coyoacan during the time of Spanish conquistadors.

The food that was served at this occasion was also wrapped in corn tortillas. And that?s not all?others believe that The history of enchiladas comes from the papadzules, a Mayan dish that's been around since before Columbian times and still strongly connected today in the Yucatan.