Question: Does Pressed Garlic Have More Flavor Than Chopped Garlic?

January 20, 2010
I usually crush garlic in a garlic press, even if a recipe says to chop it. If a recipe calls for several chopped cloves of garlic, I find just one or two pressed cloves to be enough, and the amount the recipe calls for to often be overpowering. Does pressing the clove bring out more garlic flavor than chopping it?


Carrie Barr's picture

I learned that you will get the best flavor from garlic if pressed, I always press mine with the flat side of a knife blade. I was also taught that if you crush or chop the garlic and leave it out for 15 minutes or so before adding it to the dish, it will have a better flavor. I can't vouch for that though.

doggybloggy AKA Christo's picture

the more rough you are with the garlic the more pronounced the flavor....

Bunkycooks's picture

The garlic flavor will be stronger with a finer chop. A garlic press will really produce a strong garlic flavor since it creates minced garlic as well as the juice of the garlic clove.

Gina Marie Barone's picture

I agree with doggybloggy, I think the flavor is more pronounced with a pressed clove of garlic. But then, you may have the issue of a bitter end result. Such as in BBQ, saute, roast, etc... If you want a hint of garlic in a recipe, or need a quick garlic flavored marinade or sauce, chopped is the way to go. Personally, I think you have more control with chopping the garlic in the size needed, or even leaving in whole, peeled and smashed.