Question: Best way to peel garlic?

August 4, 2011
It's such a hassle to peel every clove - any way I can make this a less time-consuming process?


Piglet's picture

Take a big knife, laying it flat on its side, over one or two cloves. Using the meaty part of the bottom part of your hand give the knife a good ole whack or two. Now you can easily take off the outer skin.

Rich Grant's picture

Piglet is right but don't whack to hard or you half mince it. You can always whack it again if needed. A gentle whack let's you peel a clove

Chris Paulk's picture

I usually use the flat knife method, but I was also give a garlic peeler, which is a 3" long tube made of silicone. You just roll the garlic in it.

Archana's picture

I let it sit on a hot griddle for a few seconds and peel it when it has cooled.

Alejandro Duarte's picture

this form of peeled garlic is soaked in warm water for several minutes, then remove the simplest way easier, thus help you get the whole garlic cloves