Question: Do most vinaigrettes call for dijon mustard?

January 31, 2011
I am using a fig balsamic creme vinegar and want to make a vinaigrette with it and searching to see if there are basic ingredients needed when making any type of vinaigrettes. Of course oil is one are there any other?


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Dijon mustard is very nice in a vinaigrette, but is not essential. Many vinaigrettes are essentially clear. Basil and perhaps garlic are possibilities but neither essential either.

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I keep at least two bottles of vinaigrette in the fridge at all times. We rotate flavors, ingredients and vinegars. Sometimes they'll be lemon juice, mustard (doesn't necessarily have to be dijon) basil and olive oil, the next time they may be balsamic, fresh basil, honey and olive oil. Mustard help to bind the dressing- but isn't always used. Your basic vinaigrette is 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar or lemon juice. The rest is all a bonus.
Try adding part sesame oil for the olive oil- and using rice vinegar- add some grated fresh ginger, cracked pepper & sesame seeds.
Maybe some lime juice and sliced fresh jalapenos with chopped garlic and cilantro.
Add some mustard, minced tarragon, parmesan and parsley.
Or something fun like 1/2 orange juice , ginger, mint ect.

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Definitely not! Here are two vinaigrettes that I recently made without dijon mustard. They were delicious and gave a different twist to vinaigrette.

Roasted Tomato Vinaigrette

Cilantro Vinaigrette

Jenny @ Savour the Senses