Technique: Tandoor Baking


Tandoor baking is baking using a cylindrical clay oven called a Tandoor. It is used in countries like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Balkans, the Middle East, Central Asia.

The food is cooked over a hot charcoal fire or wooden fire. The bread or dough (Naan) is stuck firmly against the inside wall of the Tandoor and allowed to bake for 2 - 7 minutes. Modern day Tandoors now use electricity or gas instead of charcoal.


Other names: Tandoor Bake, Tandoor Baked
Translations: Tandoor ψησίματος, Tandoor kepimui, Tandoor الخبز, Tandoori Pečenie, Tandoor Enfornar, Тандоор печење, Tandoor de coacere, Tandoor Pečenje, Tandooru Pečení, Tandoor pieczenia, Тандыр Выпечка, Tandoor 제빵, タンドールベーキング, तंदूर बेकिंग, Tandoor אפייה, Тандир Випічка, 坦道印度餐厅烘烤, Tandoor Bagning, Tandoor Leivonta, Tandoor Hornear, Tandoor печене



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