Technique: Barding


Method of topping naturally lean meats with slabs or strips of fat, like bacon or fatback, before roasting or braising. As the fat melts, it naturally bastes the meat. This technique also adds flavor. Frequently the fat is tied on with butcher's twine.


Other names: Bard, Barded
Translations: バード, Caparaçon, Pferdegeschirr, Bardatura, Kropierz, Бардинг, Barda, Бардінг, 巴丁丁, Бардинг, Barda



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Barding is also used to protect delicate parts of a piece of meat being cooked. Anyone considering barding should also consider larding with a larding needle. Larding is sometimes more suitable for game birds, depending on the necessary cooking time. The shorter the cooking time, the more effective larding is.