Tool: Isi Canister


An iSi canister is a metal canister that is charged with nitrogen. Pour cream into the canister only 3/4 full and add any other flavorings like vanilla. Screw on the cap and pull the lever to dispense cold, fresh whip cream.

Great for making culinary or cocktail foams.


Other names: Whipping Cream Canister, Cream Whipper
Translations: ISI kārbā, ISI kanistra, ISI Canister, Isi Kanister, ISI Canister, आईएसआई कनस्तर, Иси канистра, Isi κανίστρου, المخابرات الباكستانية العلبة, ISI 용기, ISI kanystr, Isi kanistra, 三军情报局筒, Isi canister, Isi Kanister, ISI kanister, איזי קופסה, ISI Canister, БИХ Канистер, ISIのキャニスター, Isi traîneau, Isi Bodenstaubsauger, ISI Canister, Ісі каністра, Isi Kanisterin, ИСИ туба

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