Tool: Cocktail Pick


A cocktail pick is a small (approximately 4 inches) skewer used to spear olives, onions, or other garnishes for cocktails.
They can also be used to skewer small bar sized appetizers or combinations of foods to create small appetizer bites.


Other names: toothpick, pick
Translations: Kokteilis Pick, カクテルピック, Kokteilių Pasirinkite, كوكتيل بيك, Cocktail Vyberte, Коктел преузимања, 칵테일 선택, Cocktail Vyberte, קוקטייל פיק, Коктейль Pick, Pumili ng Cocktail, कॉकटेल उठाओ, Коктейль Pick, 鸡尾酒选择, Cocktaileja Pick, Коктейл Избор

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