Tool: Pâté Terrine


A delicate dish like pate requires the cookware to conduct heat evenly and efficiently. Slow cooking at low heat in a cast iron paté terrine makes it simple to prepare the most delicate dishes.


Translations: Pastēte terīne, Pašteta Terrine, Pate Terrine, Pasztet Terrine, Pâte Terrine, खोपड़ी Terrine, Paté Terrine, Паштет Паштет, Πατέ συνταγής, pâte إناء, 페이트 Terrine, Paštika Terina, Pate terrine, Tuktok ng ulo Terrine, 香肠沙锅, Paté Terrina, Pašteta Terrine, Paštéta Terina, Paté Terrine, פטה Terrine, Pastej terrin, Паштета Террине, パテテリーヌ, Terrine de pâté, Paté Terrin, Postei terrin, Paté Terrina, Паштет Паштет, Pâté Terriini




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