Tool: Perforated Wok Turner


A wok turner is ideal for lifting, turning, stirring and serving food from a wok. Perforated for quick and easy drainage of liquids.


Translations: Perforēti Vok Turner, Perforuoti Wok Turner, Perforate Wok Turner, Perforirani Wok Turner, Đục chảo Turner, Turner Wok perforowana, Geperforeerde Wok Turner, छिद्रित Wok टर्नर, Perfurado Turner Wok, Перфорированные Вок Тернер, Διάτρητα Turner Wok, مثقب ووك تيرنر, 구멍의 웍 터너, Perforované Vok Turner, Wajan berlubang Turner, Butas-butas Wok Turner, 冲孔炒锅特纳, Perforada Turner Wok, Perforirana Wok Turner, Perforované Vok Turner, Perforato Wok Turner, מנוקב טרנר ווק, Perforerad Wok Turner, Перфорирана Уок Тарнер, 穿孔鍋ターナー, Turner Wok perforé, Perforierte Wok Turner, Perforerede Wok Turner, Perforert Wok Turner, Perforada Turner Wok, Перфоровані Вок Тернер, Rei'itetty Wok Turner, Перфорирани Wok Търнър



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