Tool: Cocktail Shaker


A device used to mix beverages, usually alcoholic, by shaking. Shaking is a simple technique that, with a little practice and by following a few tips, you'll master in no time. Once you get your personal shaking style down your cocktails will emerge crisp, cool and concentrated.


Other names: Shaker
Translations: カクテルシェーカー, Kokteilių Shaker, كوكتيل شاكر, Koktejl Shaker, 칵테일 쉐이커, Koktejl Shaker, שייקר, Коктейль Шейкер, Kaktel nagkakalog, कॉकटेल शेखर, Coctelera, Коктейль Шейкер, 调酒器, Коктел шејкер, Coctelera, Коктейл Shaker



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